Viva I-Pulse formulated with 
Fruits Juice Concentrate
with Super Fruit Acai Berry of Amazon Rain Forest 
A Premium Natural Product For
Blood Sugar Management
Prevention is Better Than Cure
Change Your Coffee - Change Your Life
Viva I-Coffee with Superior quality beans is instant coffee and completely water soluble to manage diabetes without compromising to manage the authentic taste of real coffee
Staying Fit  - Is A Life Time Commitment
Viva I-Slim Flat Tummies Bar  
With FB3 US Patented Herbal Active Blend 
(Fusion Ingredient) (US Patent No. 9,276,117B2) 
I-Charge is formulated  
With a unique holistic approach
With a mouth watering taste
I-Glow Nutri cosmetics
Based on ancient Ayurvedic principles i-Glow is a scientifically validated natural supplement that provides skin moisturization, makes the collagen strong and support overall skin health
iGlow is a unique consumable product which is innovatively put together to condition your beauty from the inside and enhances your skin’s glow. iGlow is a wellness product propelled with age old time-tested Ayurveda known for its powerful antioxidant & anti-ageing skin support. iGlow consists of scientifically validated herbal extracts
Viva I-Pulse formulated with 
15 Organic Fruits Juice Concentrate
including the Super Fruit Acai Berry of Amazon Rain Forest delivers powerful antioxidants
I-GLOW is first of its kind consumable product which is specifically designed to condition your beauty from inside  and makes your skin GLOW outside