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Video Presentation By Dr. Balu Kolar MD Ayurvedic
Video Presentation by Dr. Chandra Ratheesh

Product Description

" An Excellent Choice For Overall Health & Well Being".

Buy It!     Drink It!     Feel It!     Share It ! "

Viva I-Pulse formulated with 
15 Organic Fruits Juice Concentrate
including the Super Fruit Acai Berry of Amazon Rain Forest delivers powerful antioxidants of nutritionally support to








*  Fight Against Cancer Cells

*  Cellular Wellness

*  Immune Wellness

*  Cardiac Wellness

*  Skin Wellness

*  Anti-aging

*  Heart benefits 

ORAC SCORE 10,27,000 micro moles 

Highest ORAC score

1027 times higher than watermelon

No.1 Anti-oxidant in the world

Viva I-Pulse is an excellent choice for

overall health and well being

There is absolutely no risk

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Anyone who enjoys coffee
can change over to Viva iCoffee
Millions of people with diabetes around the world
do not have access to diabetes care.
People with diabetes require ongoing care and support to manage their condition and avoid complications.
We cannot wait any longer for - We have an alternative solution to manage sugar management.
Viva I Coffee
A natural Nutrition Health Drink For Diabetes.
A premium natural product for blood sugar management
Effective use of Salcital in viva I coffee improves
* insulin resistance.
*Improves glucose metabolism
*Supports healthy weight management.
*Controls diabetes without compromising
the authentic taste of coffee.
*Suitable for coffee lovers and Type 1, Type 2 diabetic.
We cannot wait any longer.
We have an alternative solution to manage sugar management.
World Diabetes Day (WDD) was created in 1991
by IDF and the World Health Organization


Product Description

Change your coffee - Change your life

Video Presentation - Dr. Balu Kolar MD
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Video Presentation By Dr. Balu Kolar MD Ayurvedic

iGlow is the first of its kind consumable product.
Designed to condition your BEAUTY from inside and makes your skin GLOW outside.
It is based on traditional Ayurvedic principles.
Anti-aging skin support that strengthens the COLLAGEN of the skin.
Provides skin nourishment and repairs it at the cellular level.
Ultimate skin revitalizing and age-defying formulation.
Specialized ingredients that generate clear, uniform complexion.
Diminish the appearance of dullness and wrinkles
while reversing the harmful effects of skin aging and replenishing skin moisture.

Black Current
Available in four Flavor
28 Sachets x 35ml per box.  (To be consumed 1/2 sachets thirty minutes after food
Product Description 
iGlow Nutri Cosmetics
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iCare  woman's care
Video Presentation by Dr. Chandra Ratheesh

* Formulated With Enhancing Flavors Of Peach Propelled With Essence Of Ayurveda
* Powered with Incumin Fusion.
* Validated With InCumin Complex.
* Known For Promoting Holistic   Women Wellbeing.

* Hormone Wellness

* Muscle & Joint Support
* Anti Stress
Available one ltr bottle
Dosage: 30ml two times a day after food
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Product Description
Good Fat In  -  Bad Fat Out
Video Presentation
By Dr. Balu Kolar 
Staying Fit Is A Life Time Commitment"
Richness Of Natural Fibers From Oates & Millets Effectively.
The goodness of Soy & Whey Protein Blend
Provides Suitable Meal Replacement – Natural Weight Loss.
Lasting Mouth Watering Chocolaty Taste  
Makes It The Best Weight Management Bar.
Lasting Mouth Watering Chocolaty Taste  
Makes It The Best Weight Management Bar.

<--- Benefits --->
* Diminishes Tummy Fat.
* Maintain Calories.
* Boosts Metabolism.
* Healthy & Natural Weight Loss.
* Reduces Food Cravings.
* Natural Energy.

Product Description
Available in four flavor
*  Mango
* Orange
     * Chocolate
* Vanilla
Packing Size 75gms x 28 bars
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