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* Blood Sugar Management

*Controls Blood Sugar

*Improves Boy Metabolism

*Reduces Stress Level

*Maintains Energy Level

*Improves Life Span

*Improves Lipid Profile

Prevents complications of Diabetes

Suitable Non-Diabetes / Pre Diabetes 

Blood sugar control naturally

Viva I-Coffee

SKU: RC-VIC-0621
  • Diabetes is a serious health problem

    with continuously increasing rates of incidence and morality

    Diabetes is characterized by elevated plasma glucose concentrations resulting from insufficient insulin secretion and insulin resistance or both leading to metabolic abnormalities in carbohydrates lipids and proteins. If not controlled it may even lead to acute or chronic complications causing health related complications.  It is a very common chronic disease is becoming the third killer of the health of mankind. Diabetes include high familial aggregation, obesity, insulin and metabolic syndrome lifestyle changes

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