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Wellness tips

Acai pulp is a natural product and has been considered a functional food

" An Excellent Choice For Overall Health & Well Being.

Viva I-Pulse 15 Types of Organic Fruit Juice Concentrate With Acai berry Super Fruit From Amazon Rain Forest Acai Berry Super Fruit No one Antioxidant in the world Highest ORAC Score of 10,27 times higher than

watermelon (ORAC SCORE 7000)

For better result consume 30 ml two times a day half hour before food

* Fight Against Cancer Cells * Cellular Wellness * Immune Wellness * Cardiac Wellness * Skin Wellness

Ipulse is a healthy drink that is a blend of many super fruits.

This ipulse juice helps to supercharge our health and assist in delaying premature aging.

Ipulse is a natural and ayurvedic wellness supplement mainly for protecting heart health and boosting immunity.

Indusviva a people company manufactures this product in such a way that there exist several health benefits of Ipulse.

All the indusviva products are approved by ayush premium products with he abandonment of health benefits.

“An Excellent Choice For Overall Health & Well Being"

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iPulse juice is rich in antioxidants which is a super defense against free radicals damage and supports health management.

This antioxidant-rich blend also helps in boosting immunity

Promotes good management of healthy cardiovascular.

It helps reduce inflammatory problems in muscles and relieves aches and pains.

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