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New Modern EpidemicDiabesity

World-wide dual epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes is estimated to increase six-fold in adults with obesity in 40 years and increase of the number of individuals with diabetes to 642 million by 2040.

Diabesity - Combination of Obesity + type 2 diabetic mellitus

Recent studies by Madras Diabetes Foundation (MDRF)

Have shown 3 in10 Adults have a combination of obesity and type 2 diabetic that increases (Diabesity) as a part of the ongoing health surveillance in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srinanka

Women had 1.4 times more risk of diabesity compared to men

Diabesity risk increases among people in the age group is

3.6 times higher than among those in the age group 18-29

It increases to 4.5 times in the 40-49 age group and to 5.4 times in the age group above 60 that leads towards high Risk of

(1)Heart diseases (2)Strokes (3)Renal failure (4) Blindness (5) Premature Death

Published in Times of India dated February 25, 2023

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