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Who knew that the most expensive coffee in the world cost more than $600.00 per pound?

Make a try and see the result for yourself

#Control diabetes

#Blood sugar management

#Sugar free

#Viva icoffee

Anyone who enjoys coffee can change over to Viva I-Coffee

Good news for coffee lovers!

Viva I-Coffee

Premium Natural Product

Blood Sugar Management

* Controls diabetes without compromising the authentic taste of coffee

* iCofee with high-quality coffee beans from Coorg in Karnataka.

* it is professionally blended with the main ingredient Salacia reticulata.

* Salacia reticulata is an Ayurvedic herb proven to reduce and

balance blood sugar levels.

* Its active component, salcital, a clinically proven herbal supplement,

has been standardized, extracted, and infused into iCoffee.

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