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Announcing a Special Offer

Updated: May 8, 2023

You won't want to miss this incredible deal.

Retail 12 units and get one unit FREE product of your choice

Also avail of one gift card worth Rs. 100.00

" Change your coffee - Change your life "

Good news for coffee lovers! Viva I-Coffee Premium Natural Product Blood Sugar Management * Controls diabetes without compromising the authentic taste of coffee * iCoffee with high-quality coffee beans from Coorg in Karnataka. * it is professionally blended with the main ingredient Salacia reticulata. * Salacia reticulata is an Ayurvedic herb

proven to reduce and balance blood sugar levels. * Its active component, salcital, a clinically proven herbal supplement, has been standardized, extracte,d and infused into iCoffee. Available with Creamer / Black Usage Instructions

Empty one sachet (15gms) in a cup, pour 120ml hot water, stir it well, ready to drink.

(Two times a day) Recommendation Undergo clinical test before the start of I-Coffee. Review after 3 months of consumption of I-Coffee. Anyone who enjoys coffee can change over to Viva I-Coffee

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